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Gray Line Toronto: Sponsoring March of Dimes "The Changemakers" Supper Club

At Gray Line Toronto, we're more than just a transportation and tourism company; we're a proud member of the community, dedicated to supporting and contributing to causes that make a difference. It's with great excitement and pride that we announce our sponsorship of the March of Dimes "The Changemakers" Supper Club, an event that combines culinary excellence with a commitment to positive change.

Our Commitment to Community

Gray Line Toronto has always been deeply committed to the communities we serve. It's not just about offering top-notch tours and transportation services; it's also about giving back and supporting initiatives that foster positive change. Our sponsorship of the March of Dimes "The Changemakers" Supper Club is a testament to this commitment.

Why We Support the March of Dimes

Our owner Crystal Sheriff's mother Lynn Szinegh (Ball) had faced a life changing evening in 1997, and March of Dimes was one if the rehabilitation programs that assisted in Lynn's journey. We are participating in this event in honour of Lynn.

We feel that the Changemakers" Supper Club is a fantastic way to combine a great cause with a memorable dining experience. It brings together people from all walks of life, united by a common purpose: to create a positive impact on the world. My mother was a recipient of the program and was able to use their resources as a great rehabilitation. With the community support, March of Dimes was part of her success story. 25 years later, we are here to support the March of Dimes in giving back.- Crystal Sheriff

What Our Sponsorship Means

As sponsors of "The Changemakers" Supper Club, we're not just providing financial support. We're also contributing by ensuring that attendees have access to convenient transportation to and from the event. Gray Line Toronto is thrilled to offer our services to make the evening as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for all attendees. We want everyone to focus on the cause, the culinary delights, and the conversations, without worrying about the logistics.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We believe in the power of communities coming together for a common good, and we invite you to join us in supporting the March of Dimes "The Changemakers" Supper Club. Whether you attend the event, volunteer, or simply spread the word, your contribution makes a difference. Together, we can be the changemakers our community needs.

At Gray Line Toronto, we're honored to be a part of this remarkable event and to contribute to the March of Dimes' vital mission. It's not just a sponsorship; it's a pledge to stand with organizations that work tirelessly to create a brighter, healthier future for families in our community.

Together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

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