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St. Jacobs Market

Thursday's and Saturday's starting in March 2024 - stay tuned for more details

Experience the diversity of Ontario's landscapes and culture on this day-long adventure from downtown Toronto to the charming St. Jacobs Farmers Market. 



  • Departure from 15 York Street: Start your day early by departing from 15 York Street at 8 AM. Be sure to arrive with enough time to board the bus. 

  • Enroute Scenic Drive: Enjoy a comfortable ride through the picturesque countryside surrounding Toronto. Your guide will provide insights into the region's history and culture. 

  • Arrival at St. Jacobs Farmers Market: Explore the renowned St. Jacobs Farmers Market, where you can browse through a wide array of local crafts, fresh produce, and homemade goods. 

  • Optional Mennonite Tour: For a deeper cultural experience, consider an optional guided tour of the Mennonite community in the region. Learn about their traditions and history. 

  • Free Time in St. Jacobs: Enjoy some free time to explore the village of St. Jacobs. Visit local shops, boutiques, and perhaps indulge in some freshly baked goods. 

  • Return to Toronto: In the late afternoon at around 3 PM, reboard the bus for your return trip to Toronto. 


Tour Details: 


Dates: Every Thursday and Saturday starting March 2024 

Departure: 8 AM from 15 York Street (Jurassic Park) in our comfortable and climate-controlled coach 

Return: Departing St. Jacobs at 3 PM 


*Please dress for the weather 

**The tour is contingent upon a minimum participation of 20 individuals and is subject to weather conditions. If this is not met, we will inform you 24 hours prior and issue a refund or credit.

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